Braised & Butterflies

February 17, 2010

Let’s briefly talk about the latter. I’ve had quite a few fluttering around in my stomach, and let me tell ya, they’ve been gone for a while. ┬áThat’s all I have to say about butterflies today… maybe I’ll share some more on another day… What/who gives you butterflies?

Moving onto the braised

Last night, I tried out this new recipe.

Braised Red Cabbage with Apples, served atop a bed of spinach and cloud of quinoa.
Dee-lish. And of course, I had to eat it with a Laughing Cow Wedge–naturally. This was both aesthetically pleasing and taste-bud-pleasing. Perfection! I would definitely┬árecommend┬áthis to anyone looking into shaking up supper, perhaps with something a little sweeter.

Who doesn’t love this color combination? I know my appetite does.

It also loves chocolate, bread & chocolate to be exact.

The concept of bread and chocolate, infused together into a chocolate bar, is enough to make me purrrr. What’s your favorite Theo bar?

Sorry for the short post, but it’s been a hell’of’a week!



February 14, 2010

…Blood never tasted so good…

As I ate this blood orange, I looked at the mirror only to find the reflection of myself eating what looked like an organ of some sort. I was freaked out by the redness of this fruit! Mother Nature is pretty morbid… but very delicious. Delicious, indeed.

And now, I’d like to present to you another addition of Toast Toppers:

Laughing Cow Wedge, Strawberries & Cinnamon and Avocado and Edamame Toast

One is like strawberry cream cheese, and the other is like a green blizzard of buttery smoothness. I may even like these toppings better than the last… perhaps.

DEFINITELY try these.

Happy Valentines Day. Have any special plans?