Wreaking Havoc, and love.

February 15, 2010

Before I get to the havoc wreaking, I’d like to show my softer side:

As you  have noticed, I love to make breakfast for my little brother. No idea why, but I do. So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I made him some blueberry pancakes with butter, syrup, & love. Because after all, I love him berry much.

I love to spread love through food, I really do.

I also love cereal, Kashi Go Lean Crunch, to be exact. It’s probably my favorite! Especially when covered in the best fruit combination ever. Strawberries & Bananas. Great way to celebrate President’s Day, eh?

Now, here’s where the executions of vengeance and passion come to play:

Trader Joe’s Raw, Creamy Almond butter. All good things come to an end, and this one was violent. Many carrot lives were taken in the process.

and the brutalities continue…

I can turn 30 oz of hummus into 5 oz like it’s my job. After my next meal, I’m certain the plastic container will be completely transparent. Those chickpeas don’t stand a chance. Like I said, wreaking havoc.

I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. Ask me anything!

Happy Monday!


The Art of Blooking

February 10, 2010

I’m blogging, as I run back and forth from the kitchen to the table while simultaneously cooking dinner. Welcome, Blooking.  It’s a new art, one which I hope to master. Have you mastered the art of blooking?

This morning, I decided to take another whack at oatmeal… in hopes that my oatmeal cravings had not completely vanquished.

I made myself a beautiful bowl of Banana Oatmeal (half banana cooked in, the other half on top) topped with defrosted blueberries & a scoop of almond butter. Now that, my friends, is a scoop. Adorned with cinnamon, naturally.

It tasted as good as it looks; however, I think I’ll stick to variety for breakfast, not oats everyday. No offense to all my oat-lovin’ readers!

Last night, I tried something new with dinner:

Quinoa Polenta. I warmed it up in a pan, added a little milk to smooth it out, and proceeded to add spinach & garbanzos to the mix. Delish.

Topped with balsamic & mustard roasted brussels sprouts & red onion. How HEAB -ish does this look?

…speaking of supper, Dinner is served!
Egyptian Edamame Stew

Egyptian Edamame Stew. Let me know if you’re interested in the recipe!

The first sign…

February 3, 2010

There are several signs that indicate the re-birth of a knight.  They are so prominent and so specific that I find it very hard to fathom my own achievement of one of these said signs:

1. Find, face, and slay the green  ‘dragon’.

As many valiant and noble men (bloggers) have attested to, the green ‘dragon’ could quite possibly be the epitome of a knight’s strength and ability. Mastering the art of green monster making/dragon slaying is difficult, indeed. But when done right, it is the taste of victory.

You might have already noticed, I’m feeling a tad better… hence, my feeble attempt to create any lick of humor in relating the blogosphere’s favorite smoothie, The Green Monster, to dragon slaying… but that’s beside the point.

I awoke this morning, feeling pretty spiffy. I had a feeling it was going to be a good day, for how could one go wrong with such a breakfast? I mean, I met nearly no fuss when choosing my English muffin spreads, it felt like no compromise! I had one with real butter, and the other with raw almond butter. Normally, I’d feel as if I were missing something… but the planets seemed to be aligned. And to make up for my vegetable consumption (or lack there of, as a result of my stomach virus and complete aversion to anything fibrous), I was CRAVING green this morning. So in the blender went a frozen banana, 2 rather large handfuls of spinach, a few chunks of pineapple, Silk Almond milk, water, and ice! Voila! Veggies for breaky. Delicious, indeed.

While I’m near the topic of Silk Almond Milk, I spose it’s the perfect time for a little review. First, the texture is DEFINITELY new, for almond milk, that is. It’s much much creamier than any I’ve tried. I usually purchase unsweetened almond milk, so this was a tad sweeter than I fancy, but delicious none the less. To put it simply, it tastes like Vanilla Silk, but with a stronger almond than soy taste… if you catch my drift. I’d recommend it if you’re in the market for something new!

TO further affirm my new found health, tonight I’m actually cooking! It has been ONE WHOLE WEEK, and I have not cooked a single meal. I actually had to tell myself NOT to think about food, I was making myself nauseous. Thank god those days are over. KITCHEN HERE I COME!!!!

Tis truly fascinating to hear about your preferred methods of carrot consumption! I will most definitely be trying some of those out.

While we’re on the topic of trying something new

Zoe had her first ever (cut up) almond butter sandwich for dinner last night. Now, if you have never witnessed a dog eating ooey, gooey nut butter, you are indeed missing out on this oddly entertaining delight.

Last night, the family and I had ourselves something new, too-

Eat, Drink & Be Vegan’s Sweet Potato Lentil Chili. (complete with additional lime wedge & dollop of yogurt)

Fantastic dish, highly recommended.

Breakfast wasn’t new, per se… but I think you will condone this vagrant, ominous, ugly fraud. Right?

And last, but not least… one of YOU may be getting something new! Make sure to enter my giveaway! It ends Wednesday, January 6th at 9pm. So get those entries in! Plus, I’m tossing in this NEW addition to the loot.

18 rabbits Cheeky Cherry Chocolate. Control your saliva.

Before I’m off to study for my U.S. History test (wish me luck!), I’d like to thank a few lovely ladies who passed on to me the lovely Happy 101 Blogger Award.

Emily, Funny Emily, and The Daintiest Vegan of them all…. you are all stunning!

So, alas, I present to you the 10 things that  allow me the highest level of elation:

1. Yellow. Whether it be found in the form of food, nature, or clothing, I can’t help but smile when feasting my eyes upon the vivid color.

2. Grocery shopping, cooking, and eating. Honestly, I cannot word how ridiculously happy this makes me. Anything to do with fresh, beautiful, wonderfully cooked food brings out the Giada in me. You know you wish you got nearly as happy as she does when she tastes her final product.

Source: The Vancouverite

3. Family &Friends. for providing me with the greatest of laughter and memories.

4. Good packaging. I’m all about aesthetics, whether it be a beautiful bottle of olive oil, the rainbow of Larabar wrappers, or an impeccably designed book cover, I’m smitten. I suppose this applies to men too ;), albeit, what’s inside is what really matters.

5. Blogging.

6. Illustrating with pen. I can’t explain it, it just feels so good!

7. Finishing a painting.

8. A really, really good apple. I’m talking MERIT worthy apple.

9. My brothers. I know they technically fall under the ‘Family & Friends’, but they indeed deserve their own category. I have a six pack because of them, from all the laughing..

10. Being happy with myself. confidence and comfort within your own skin is damn sexy!

I award this to everyone and anyone who is HAPPY with themselves.

Have a great evening!! Make sure to enter the giveaway! best wishes.


December 27, 2009

It’s impossible to think of clever/relevant titles everyday. But I try.

This weekend, I finally watched Julie & Julia… um, why did it take me so long? Any movie that combines both food and blogging is golden to me. I’m sure most of you have seen it, but if you haven’t, you must.

This morning started off swell, with a bowl of ‘gingerbread‘ oats topped with banana, apple, & almond butter spoon.

Delicious.. however, I would have preferred dried fruit and nuts as toppings instead.

Yesterday, I had a successful first attempt at Butternut Squash Oats!


(1/2c oats, water, 1/2c bnut squash puree, 1/2 banana cooked in, topped with pistachios and the other 1/2 banana)

So let’s talk New Years…. it’s right around the corner!

Of course, there are the resolutions, hopes, and desires for the new year… The most two most common seem to be:

1. Lose Weight.

Now let’s have a moment to ponder… First off, no one likes losing or being lost. Lose has such a negative connotation. To lose is to deprive, to fail to sustain, to wander or go astray from… However, society has shown a positive light on losing. There’s no glamour in dissatisfaction with yourself, nor is there glamour in insecurity. There’s no pride in wanting to be like someone else, nor is there pride in muting your body’s signals. You want to be a strong, secure, beautiful person, don’t you? Instead, change your mindset and transform weight loss into health gain. You can gain health, by whatever means appropriate for YOU, but they must not and CANNOT harm your mental health. It WILL NOT be the same for everyone, it all depends each individual situation. Don’t think that just because someone else decides to lose/gain several pounds for their heath, that you should. Know thyself, trust thyself. If you see yourself as beautiful, then everyone else will be smitten.

2. Become a better person.

Who’s to say you’re not already a fantastic person? Why have the notion that a new year is the perfect opportunity to change yourself? Realistically, it only means a new number at the top of your day planner. Personally, ‘becoming a better person’ tastes a little bitter in my mouth. It feels a little selfish. I believe that to better ones spirit, one must become selfless. Better someone else through sincere care and concern, not through your own agenda. Don’t volunteer and participate in community service to make yourself feel better, do it for them. For the people who are facing a struggle. Not for your inner struggle. And the whole concept of ‘becoming a better person’ as a resolution confuses me. How will you know when you’ve reached that goal? You won’t. Because strengthening your soul cannot be perceived by the senses, it’s beyond our minds as well. You just live and let the good grow inside you. You don’t think about it. You live it.

Now, I’m just thinking out loud. You can take it or leave it, either way, life is a progression, not a set or intervals which allow you to restart at each beginning. It’s a free run. Not a relay.

…with my oats.

Apple Banana Oats

with a drizzle of almond butter, of course. For breakfast this morning, I had a bowl of oats cooked in vanilla soy milk, and then I mixed in the fruit. I prefer my fruit fresh with my oatmeal, as opposed to being cooked in. I love the crunch of an apple and the creaminess of a banana. (Take that as you will… be mature!)


Lunch was equally so:

Spinach, Romaine, Radicchio, Corn, Carrots, Beets, Pinto Beans, Cucumber, Balsamic Vinegar, Hummus, & a Wasa Cracker and avocado ‘smear’.

The core of an avocado is beautiful once you peel away its surface.


Zoe enjoys my being home all day. (Sarcasm)


I really do enjoy my time off from school, but I do get a little bored without a car. To render myself productive, I’ve created a recipe binder:

Recipe Binder

and I’ve also made use of some near empty jelly & pasta sauce jars:

Recycle. Reuse.

Recycle. Reuse. Plus, it looks cute, too.

Mmmm… Granola 🙂

Given the time of the year, I was thinking about gifts today. It didn’t require much time until I concluded what the best kinds of  are… at least to me. The best gifts can disappear.

They’re either experienced or consumed. You can only live each experience once, eat each meal once, and they are entirely unique and inimitable, no matter how hard you try to recreate them. The laughter and ambiance experienced from these gifts definitely trumps material. I find no greater joy than living with those I love, whether it be through a trip to the symphony or a special sit down supper. Ultimately, I’d rather give and be given the gift of experience than something tangible. Hey, that’s just me.

Has someone special to you given you the gift of experience? If so, share 🙂

The greatest gift I’ve ever been given was a trip to Paris for my 16th birthday. I asked my dad if he’d take me to the city of love, as he’s the one man in my life who will never break my heart. We went in October of 2008, during Paris Fashion Week. I stood outside the tent of the Hermes fashion show, where I saw the masters of the fashion world. Carine Roitfeld, Hamish Bowles, Virginia Smith… I gawked at everything in the D’Orsay. I walked through incredible neighborhood markets. Twas the perfect gift.

My Grandmother is also the greatest of gift givers, for she has taken me to several continents, exposing me to the wonders of the world. I am eternally grateful for her.

I had a hot date

December 21, 2009

…this morning with one Haute Diggity Date.

Haute Diggity Date

Mmmm… this bar was fantastic. I could really taste the coconut from the granola and you could see all of the ingredients in the bar:


Veggie Scramble

Lunch was an Egg white scramble with red onion, carrot, spinach, pinto beans, garlic & herbs topped with hummus and eaten with Wasa Crackers.

Last night I made some Apricot Almond Cookies via my own recipe, which I created moment by moment. The recipe needs some improvising, but I’m content with how they turned out. Not too sweet, perfect texture.

Apricot Almond Cookies

Cookies are the best.

Of course, almond butter on the cookies is even better.

I love making my own recipes. Especially for supper.

What’s the best recipe you’ve ever made?

PS- My younger brother, Nick, awoke this morning enraged. He has the flu, and complained about how he couldn’t sleep all night… but when he did sleep, he had the SAME dream over and over again. He said it wasn’t a good dream. He put it in his own language:

“It was like sitting through Atonement. It sucked. Or any other Keira Knightely movie that isn’t Pirates of the Carribean. I was just like “Why am I here?”