Wreaking Havoc, and love.

February 15, 2010

Before I get to the havoc wreaking, I’d like to show my softer side:

As you  have noticed, I love to make breakfast for my little brother. No idea why, but I do. So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I made him some blueberry pancakes with butter, syrup, & love. Because after all, I love him berry much.

I love to spread love through food, I really do.

I also love cereal, Kashi Go Lean Crunch, to be exact. It’s probably my favorite! Especially when covered in the best fruit combination ever. Strawberries & Bananas. Great way to celebrate President’s Day, eh?

Now, here’s where the executions of vengeance and passion come to play:

Trader Joe’s Raw, Creamy Almond butter. All good things come to an end, and this one was violent. Many carrot lives were taken in the process.

and the brutalities continue…

I can turn 30 oz of hummus into 5 oz like it’s my job. After my next meal, I’m certain the plastic container will be completely transparent. Those chickpeas don’t stand a chance. Like I said, wreaking havoc.

I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. Ask me anything!

Happy Monday!


18 Responses to “Wreaking Havoc, and love.”

  1. Katie Says:

    How sweet you made your brother breakfast and it looks amazing!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day!!!

  2. what a berry delicious valentine’s breakfast 🙂 i agree strawberry + banana = classic-ly delicious.
    i love making food for my sisters too, its especially great when they love what i make!
    happy monday beautiful!

  3. Emily Says:

    Kashi go lean crunch is my favorite also – I eat it with blueberries and almond milk..it is LOVE.

    That little strawberry heart you put on your brothers breakfast is so cute 🙂


  4. rustique Says:

    Hummus never lasts in this dorm. I blame this on the supreme palatability of tahini.

    Too cute with the breakfast for your brother. I’m loving the sibling love!

  5. Katie Says:

    I just reintroduced honey into my diet (but still a vegan, just one who eats the sweet and sticky stuff). I forgot how much I missed eating Kashi cereals. I currently have a box of Warm Cinnamon Heart to Heart and Honey Sunshine in my pantry. So, so good. Go Lean in next on my upcoming grocery trip. 🙂

  6. That’s so sweet of you to cook for your brother 🙂 And those pancakes are absolutely precious looking. Come cook for me too? Please? 🙂

    Though with two hummus monsters around, we might run in to some difficulties…

  7. Jenny Says:

    oh you! always bringing so much joy and love in to my life 🙂

  8. Kristie Says:

    I used to eat go lean crunch like it was my job. Which does not at all explain WHY I haven’t had it in ages. So sad! Clearly need to get back on that bandwagon.

    Hummus is love. PB is love. You making breakfast for your bro is super sweet sibling love.

  9. Katharina Says:

    Your brother is very lucky!! I love the little heart 😀 The GoLean crunch is one of my fave cereals as well! I actually had some this morning hehehe. As for cooking to show love, I am with you on that. It’s such a wonderful way to give to someone.



  10. Kashi Go Lean Crunch is definitely my favorite too!
    And you’re right, there is something so special about making food for people you love- it’s nurturing. Just found your blog!

  11. Karin Says:

    So adorable that you make your brother breakfast! +The pancake look scrumptious too. Sigh, I miss strawberries!

  12. Madeline - Greens and Jeans Says:

    What a lucky brother!

  13. Megan Says:

    Have you had the Kashi Sunshine cereal? They are little nuggets of joy in my mornings. We buy our almond butter from a little local store that lets us grind it ourselves (along with peanut butter and cashew butter!) and it gets destroyed in seconds flat. yum.

  14. daintyvegan Says:

    I love that you love to make breakfast for your brother. I’m pretty sure I’ve never done that. I did make him a snack once.. nachos with cheese. Guess I’m still a good sister. 😉

    I haven’t tried that kind of Kashi cereal but the two that I HAVE tried, were fabulous. Except that they were WAY too addicting and delicious.

  15. louisianagrown Says:

    I always try to make breakfast for my mom, but she’s very stuck on frozen waffles. I know where you’re coming from with your brother, and it looks like he’s a lucky boy!

  16. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth) Says:

    aww so sweet of you to make breakfast for your lil bro- he mus tlove it! you are too cute hun 🙂 yay for hummus hha


  17. The pancakes look delicious and I am so jealous of you getting to enjoy the Kashi GoLean Crunch! It used to be my favorite, but I can’t have soy anymore…so enjoy some for me! Now, hummus, in this house, does not stand a chance. I swear if I got paid to eat that stuff I would be so freakin’ rich buy now!

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