Rage for Sage

January 12, 2010

Last night I made a lovely supper.

Orecchiette  Rigate with White Beans & Sage

The starting point:

The final product:

White Bean & Sage Orecchiette Rigate

Let me tell you, cooking with fresh sage is mind blowing. The combination of herb, garlic, lemon & sweet tomatoes is killer. I love white beans with pasta: they are the most fragile and petite beans (to me) and get mushed within the pasta  and blend with the tomatoes. It’s sensational.

I’ve also just recently tried the Lemon Larabar

I felt I’d loathe this flavor. Quite the contrary. New favorite, perhaps? Watch your back, Cherry pie.

Today, I made my second trip to Whole Foods this week with my dear friend, Shannon. She impressed me with her most excellent selection of groceries. I could spend all day there, and with such great company, it’s even better.

I picked up many things, but these things were begging to be photographed.


Crystallized Ginger

Crystalized Ginger

My kind of candy.


Nick wanted me to showcase his dinner from tonight:

Panini & J

Panini & J, a la Chef Nicholas.

Sorry for the short post, it’s been a crazy week!

Have a fantastic Wednesday!


11 Responses to “Rage for Sage”

  1. maggie Says:

    Fresh herbs always take a normal dish and make it extraordinary! Love white beans with pasta too..anything with pasta really 🙂

    And your brother’s dinner looks pretty tasty!


  2. kbwood Says:

    love the way that panini is lookin girl!

  3. Reigne Says:

    I looooooooooooovvvvvvveeeeeee sage! (Love, love, love it!) Especially with sweet potato (pan-fried or baked.) Have to try it with white beans… sounds like an amazing combo.

    Two trips to Whole Foods? In one week? Lucky ducky! I almost convinced my mother to take me to the local health store yesterday… but it never happened. 😦

    Looks like your brother is rockin’ the panini press! (Or maybe he’s just a bit of a show off.)

    🙂 Reigne

  4. Katharina Says:

    Sam, I love you more and more with each post. You and I are on the same page I feel like 😀 I love when people try new things out and truly appreciate and have a taste for various foods they love. Have you tried the Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar??? It’s my favorite but the second runner up is Coconut Cream Pie. HEAVENNNNN! CRYSTALIZED GINGER!! I don’t have any and haven’t had any in a really long time. I really want to buy a big tub instead of small bag or container because I love it so much and I can’t handle just buying so little a time. I need a SUPPLY – know what I mean? lol. Your brother’s panini looks the bomb.com – tell him I say so 😀



  5. Katie Says:

    I love Whole Foods! I could spend hours and A LOT of paychecks in there. 😉

  6. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth) Says:

    your food looks amazing! i am impressed with your cooking- i still don’t cook and i’m 18 hahaha. that lemonbar larabar looks so good- ive never tried that one! have a good day beautiful



  7. daintyvegan Says:

    Oh man, ginger candy is heavenly. I loooooooooove ginger chews! Never had crystallized ginger but I have a feeling I would love it. Yum!

  8. Jenny Says:

    though I HATE not having a whole foods in my area — I am slightly grateful because I’m pretty sure my bank account would be non-existent if I had full access.

    I just saw ginger candy on Good Eats last night and now i’m cravingggggg it.


  9. Emily Says:

    herbs are so refreshing – they can make any dish even better.

    whole foods = the best.


  10. hey! loving the lara(: and that pb & j… oh my goodnesss! i love whole foods so much- pretty sure they know my family there. and that ginger looks so good! i may just have to get some now 😉 happy wednesday!

  11. Holly Says:

    that is perhaps the most gorgeous carrot i have ever seen! and i am absolutely LOVING the looks of those curry sunflower seeds – i am DEFINITELY keeping my eye out for those!

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