‘New’ is the new black.

January 5, 2010

Tis truly fascinating to hear about your preferred methods of carrot consumption! I will most definitely be trying some of those out.

While we’re on the topic of trying something new

Zoe had her first ever (cut up) almond butter sandwich for dinner last night. Now, if you have never witnessed a dog eating ooey, gooey nut butter, you are indeed missing out on this oddly entertaining delight.

Last night, the family and I had ourselves something new, too-

Eat, Drink & Be Vegan’s Sweet Potato Lentil Chili. (complete with additional lime wedge & dollop of yogurt)

Fantastic dish, highly recommended.

Breakfast wasn’t new, per se… but I think you will condone this vagrant, ominous, ugly fraud. Right?

And last, but not least… one of YOU may be getting something new! Make sure to enter my giveaway! It ends Wednesday, January 6th at 9pm. So get those entries in! Plus, I’m tossing in this NEW addition to the loot.

18 rabbits Cheeky Cherry Chocolate. Control your saliva.

Before I’m off to study for my U.S. History test (wish me luck!), I’d like to thank a few lovely ladies who passed on to me the lovely Happy 101 Blogger Award.

Emily, Funny Emily, and The Daintiest Vegan of them all…. you are all stunning!

So, alas, I present to you the 10 things that  allow me the highest level of elation:

1. Yellow. Whether it be found in the form of food, nature, or clothing, I can’t help but smile when feasting my eyes upon the vivid color.

2. Grocery shopping, cooking, and eating. Honestly, I cannot word how ridiculously happy this makes me. Anything to do with fresh, beautiful, wonderfully cooked food brings out the Giada in me. You know you wish you got nearly as happy as she does when she tastes her final product.

Source: The Vancouverite

3. Family &Friends. for providing me with the greatest of laughter and memories.

4. Good packaging. I’m all about aesthetics, whether it be a beautiful bottle of olive oil, the rainbow of Larabar wrappers, or an impeccably designed book cover, I’m smitten. I suppose this applies to men too ;), albeit, what’s inside is what really matters.

5. Blogging.

6. Illustrating with pen. I can’t explain it, it just feels so good!

7. Finishing a painting.

8. A really, really good apple. I’m talking MERIT worthy apple.

9. My brothers. I know they technically fall under the ‘Family & Friends’, but they indeed deserve their own category. I have a six pack because of them, from all the laughing..

10. Being happy with myself. confidence and comfort within your own skin is damn sexy!

I award this to everyone and anyone who is HAPPY with themselves.

Have a great evening!! Make sure to enter the giveaway! best wishes.


16 Responses to “‘New’ is the new black.”

  1. Lexi Says:

    your dog is SO cute! and that chili looks amazing! loved reading your list girl.

  2. Emily Says:

    dogs and ANY nut butter is hilarious, I have to agree 🙂

    your chili looks phenom! and your list is great.


  3. Katie Says:

    Almond butter sandwich fed to a dog…hmm, interesting. I love yellow too! It’s so happy and vibrant. 🙂 Your ten is really good, I agree with a lot of them. I hope to win your giveaway. 😉

  4. Jenny Says:

    an AB loving dog? where can I get one!??! like mama like daughter 🙂

  5. seekmyself Says:

    Hehe I’ve actually done the dog/nut butter thing and you’re right… it is highly entertaining.

    I like your happy list, and I agree that there’s almost no shopping better than shopping for good food… And 10 is a really good one… something I’m trying so, so hard to do 🙂

    I can’t believe you added an 18 Rabbits bar to your giveaway… I’m dying to try one of those… *drool*

  6. dogs & nut butters. let me tell you my dog loves my white chocolate wonderful, and no i was no the the one to give the delicacy to her.
    mmm that sweet potato chili looks soo damn good! like i want to buy eat, drink & be vegan just for the recipe.
    love all the things that make you happy beautiful! nothing beats a fabulous apple 🙂
    happy tuesday!!

  7. Katharina Says:

    Oh my gosh Zoe is ADORABLE!!! You should feature your pup more often 😉 Matilda LOVES nut butters. This is how I trick her into taking her monthly medication mwahaha. I just cover it in nut butters. That recipe sounds sooo good. I am a sucker for packaging as well. We’re talkin’ BIG TIME sucker. I think everyone that knows me.. knows this about me lol.

    I hope you have a wonderful rest of the night beautiful one!!



  8. kbwood Says:

    #10.. AWESOME!!
    your doggie is adorable girl!!

  9. Mitri Says:

    Hmm, the only time I’ve ever seen my dogs eat peanut butter is when I cover some medication with it. Another good trick is beef baby food 😛 My puppy loves that stuff cuz he’s a big baby!!

    Loved your happy list 🙂

  10. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth) Says:

    haha i am totally with you ont he grocery shopping- makes me soo happy, kinda embarassing 🙂 soo cute with your dog!! ilove ya girlie 🙂



  11. Rachael Says:

    Doodling with pen… Nothing better! Especially if the pen is really inky.
    Zoe is such a cutie! I used to put Rosie’s medication in peanut butter so now she’s very wary (Rhyme alert!) and hesitant to eat it. Maybe if it was served on a pretty plate like Zoe’s she’d be more enthusiastic.

    P.S. Now whenever I see bananas I think of you. 😉

  12. Reigne Says:

    Zoe is very cute. I also own a Shih-Tzu (well a Shih-Tzu bit of this, bit of that mutt mix.) And my gosh, he is an absolute handful! He’s even taken to inviting himself to taking a seat at the table every meal time. Too cute.

    Wowee. I’m not sure if I’m wowee-ing over the new bar being added to the giveaway (fingers crossed!) or the drawing beneath it! Sam, you’re indeed very talented! How did you “learn” to draw? I’ve always wanted to know, but have never been capable of creating more than potato prints or stick figures.

    Xxox. Reigne.

  13. You are way too cute for your own good 🙂 .. I too have had the luxury of watching my dog scarf down gooey, sticky nut butter. Hilarious.

    I love your list as well – totally agree with you on ‘finishing a painting’ 😉


  14. determinedtoshine Says:

    Oh my goodness, I just fell in love with your doggie! Too precious for words. And I loved hearing about what makes you happy. Yellow is definitely a happy colour!

    I’m not entering your give away because of my move to SA next week, but I loved reading all the carrotty creations!

    Lots of love 🙂
    Hannah xo

  15. louisianagrown Says:

    1. You’re an awesome artist.

    2. That picture of Giada is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

  16. daintyvegan Says:

    I love giving my dog peanut butter! Sticking it on her nose is funny..

    Never thought to actually make my dog a complete sandwich though.. I think I know what her dinner is going to be tonight. 😉

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