Papaya rhymes with…

December 23, 2009


Nick over at Kaia sent me an amazing package of goodies!

Kaia jackpot

Buckwheat granola, sprouted sunflower seeds, fruit leather… all food that is minimally processed, but not minimally flavored, my friends. Open the packages with caution, for it may be difficult to cease the magnetic attraction between your hand and the content inside the package.  First I tried the Cocoa Mole Sprouted Sunflower Seeds:

Cocoa Mole Sprouted Sunflower SeedsIt tastes like chocolate covered sunflower seeds, but better. Crunchy, cocoa-ey clusters!

Then I opened up the Lime Ginger Fruit Leather-

Lime Ginger

It looks a little odd…

Delicious 'Leather'

…but it tastes fantastic.

Oh golly, I can’t wait to have me some of their granola in the morning!

While we’re on the topic of fantastic tasting food, let’s rewind to last night’s supper.

Balsamic & Rosemary Roasted Veggies with Chickpea & Black Olive Couscous

Balsamic & Rosemary roasted veggies w/ Chickpea Couscous


Now, I’d like to allow myself the opportunity to be silly. I cracked up when I saw this commercial a few days ago.


Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve? I’ve always been a fan of Christmas Eve dinner, as opposed to Christmas day dinner…

Random questions to leave you with:

Sweet or Salty?

Peanut Butter or Almond Butter?

Sweet Potato or Squash?

Short Stories of Novels?

Sweatpants or Jeans?

Sunshine or Snow?


14 Responses to “Papaya rhymes with…”

  1. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth) Says:

    those look sweet!! I want to tryyy 😀
    peanut =)
    sweet potato… tough choice!
    sweatts all the way
    BOTH at the same time 😀


  2. seekmyself Says:

    I’ve always loved Christmas Eve dinner. I’m Polish, and part of our tradition is to celebrate more on Christmas Eve than Christmas Day… I can’t wait for tomorrow 🙂 As for the random questions… sweet, almond butter (peanut would kill me), sweet potato, novels, sweatpants, sunshine 🙂 Have an awesome day.

  3. Jenny Says:

    I will seriously buy popsecret now just because of that commercial.. and I don’t even eat popcorn. Hil-freakin-larious.

    sweet, no question
    peanut butter – all day every day baybay
    sweet ‘tato
    oh tough call.. sweatpants I suppose, the bigger – the better.
    sunshine, please!

    love to you muffin!

  4. daintyvegan Says:

    Yuuum to the food! Haha.. and that commercial was just great. xD


    Peanut Butter

    Sweet Potato




  5. Emily Says:

    mmm all those foods look and sound amazing – lucky you!

    ahahha I love that commercial too 🙂

    sweet 🙂
    sweet potato
    love my sweats
    errr hard one….I’m callin’ it a tie – is that allowed?

  6. determinedtoshine Says:

    oooh yum – those sunflower seeds look amazing 🙂


    Peanut Butter

    (butternut) Squash

    Novels (but not tooo long)


    Sunshine hands down! But the snow is pretty to look at.

  7. LOL I love that commercial! Very clever. 🙂

    Now, to answer your questions…
    Almond butter
    Sweet Potato

    That sounds like a wonky haiku for my perfect day. 😉

  8. Rachael Says:

    I never thought I would be crooning at the adorableness of popcorn kernels! Where did you find that commercial? Now let’s see…


    PB- Never tried AB… Blasphemy, I know!

    Squash? Tough call.

    I don’t care, as long as it’s good 😉


    I’ve never been in the snow, so I’ll have to get back to you on that one!

  9. crazylittlethingneela Says:

    those goodies look amazing!
    i am looking forward to hearing how they all tasted,
    merry christmas to you sweetie

  10. Emily Says:

    we are definitely a christmas eve dinner family, too. 🙂


    Oooh..I love almond butter, but I usually go for the cheaper PB

    Sweet Potato



    merry christmas!

    Sunshine or Snow?

  11. Your meal looks amazing 😉 Usually I don’t season my veggies when I roast them, but now I kinda wanna try it 😛

    Sweet or Salty?

    Peanut Butter or Almond Butter? Can’t decide… probably PB 🙂

    Sweet Potato or Squash? Squash

    Short Stories of Novels? Novels

    Sweatpants or Jeans? Sweatpants

    Sunshine or Snow? Sunshine!


  12. thank you so much dear thank you thank you. i can hardly believe its christmas eve, we always go over to my grandma’s 🙂
    Sweet or Salty? both!
    Peanut Butter or Almond Butter? usually pb its cheaper
    Sweet Potato or Squash? sweet potato
    Short Stories of Novels? novels
    Sweatpants or Jeans? leggings 🙂
    Sunshine or Snow? sunshine!
    merry christmas eve! you’re the best!

  13. Ameena Says:

    Cute questions!

    Sweet or Salty? Sweet
    Peanut Butter or Almond Butter? Peanut Butter
    Sweet Potato or Squash? Squash
    Short Stories of Novels? Novels!
    Sweatpants or Jeans? Sweatpants
    Sunshine or Snow? Snow

  14. maggie Says:

    When I saw that Ginger Lime Chew I was like HOLY MOLY! I want some 🙂

    Almond Butter
    Kabpcha squash 😉
    Old Novels

    xoxo Maggie

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