I had a hot date

December 21, 2009

…this morning with one Haute Diggity Date.

Haute Diggity Date

Mmmm… this bar was fantastic. I could really taste the coconut from the granola and you could see all of the ingredients in the bar:


Veggie Scramble

Lunch was an Egg white scramble with red onion, carrot, spinach, pinto beans, garlic & herbs topped with hummus and eaten with Wasa Crackers.

Last night I made some Apricot Almond Cookies via my own recipe, which I created moment by moment. The recipe needs some improvising, but I’m content with how they turned out. Not too sweet, perfect texture.

Apricot Almond Cookies

Cookies are the best.

Of course, almond butter on the cookies is even better.

I love making my own recipes. Especially for supper.

What’s the best recipe you’ve ever made?

PS- My younger brother, Nick, awoke this morning enraged. He has the flu, and complained about how he couldn’t sleep all night… but when he did sleep, he had the SAME dream over and over again. He said it wasn’t a good dream. He put it in his own language:

“It was like sitting through Atonement. It sucked. Or any other Keira Knightely movie that isn’t Pirates of the Carribean. I was just like “Why am I here?”


19 Responses to “I had a hot date”

  1. Katharina Says:

    18 Rabbits granola bars!! I LOVE 😀 They’re sooo good. And those cookies = yum! And I love the almond butter shot 😉

    Oh my.. best recipe?? I have no idea!! I have a list lol


  2. VeggieGirl Says:

    I have several blondie recipes on my blog that are fabulous, if I do say so myself 🙂

  3. Jenny Says:

    now that is my kind of date… wanna double? 🙂

    my favorite recipe is my pumpkin spice banana bread. I used chai tea in place of water. Oh, it’s heavenly.

    Just watched another episode of Dexter. I REALLY thought the ice truck killer was Perry…ackkk. I am dying!!!

  4. haha i that bar looks delicious! i love love its name 🙂
    hmm i need to work on finding me a signature recipe, i’m pretty much a poser at the moment…
    ah your poor brother, however i personally would love to be in atonement!
    happy monday dear!

  5. your photos are all so beautiful! I showcase most of my favorite recipes on my blog — one of which being chicken pesto that the Mister and I made our mothers for mother’s day this year 😉

  6. Emily Says:

    always wonderful eats!

    I love what your brother said – priceless 🙂

  7. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth) Says:

    impressed with your cookiess.. i want to bake!! & those bars sound awesome


  8. louisianagrown Says:

    I would say the best thing I’ve ever made is the bread I baked the other day. It was also the most challenging. That break baking stuff is serious!

  9. daintyvegan Says:

    Hahaha, your brothers comment is great! I loved Atonement though..

    Your cookies look so yummy. :3 I made some today too but it wasn’t my own recipe. Unfortunately, I’m not too great at making my own things.. I still need TONS of practice.

  10. seekmyself Says:

    Apricots and almonds together sound delicious! I’ve never made a recipe from scratch when I bake, but I rarely ever follow recipes exactly either. I’d like to come up with my own, but I’m afraid of it being a flop and I don’t like to waste food…

    I’ve wanted to try those bars for a while now, but I don’t think they sell them here *wah*… If I get really desperate, I’ll have to order online 🙂

  11. Kathleen Says:

    HAHAHA your brother sounds hilarious! And HOLY CRAP your food looks amazing…Almond butter on a cookie? Ingenius! 🙂

  12. determinedtoshine Says:

    LOL to your brothers dream! haha bless him.

    those cookies look amazing – apricot almond sounds like a great combo! the best recipe i’ve made is my recipe for pumpkin cranberry oatmeal cookies. delish 😉

    xo hannah

  13. katie Says:

    I am loving your blog and I love Heart Thrives too!! They are so filling and yummy!!!! All your food looks so good, and pretty as well!!! Have a great day and Happy Holidays!!!!!

  14. Rachael Says:

    Now that looks like the perfect date… No need to dress up, no awkward conversation and no wondering if there’s a kiss at the end of the night!
    On a side note the orange looks so pretty, like a sun or a flower. Or a sunflower! Your brother sounds so funny, even though I feel bad laughing at his suffering;)


  15. Anne Says:

    Those cookies look delicious! My fave recipe (more like combo) is my chocolate greek yogurt vitatop parfaits 🙂 I hope your bro feels better! That quote is priceless, though 😉

  16. katie Says:

    Thanks girl!! Yeah the burnt ones are actually my fiances favorite!!!! lol!!!

  17. peanutbutterfingers Says:

    i love your brother’s quote! too, too funny. (he should see love actually b/c that’s a good movie other than pirates that she’s been in – although being a guy, he’d probably find that one painful as well!)

  18. kbwood Says:

    ooo man those cookies look GOOD girl!! best recipe..hmm thats a toughie-prob PB pie or greek yogurt mac and cheese 🙂

  19. maggie Says:

    wow we had a date too yesterday 🙂


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