Don’t beet me up.

December 12, 2009

Over my beeutiful dinner:


Beetiful salad: spinach, chickpeas, pistachios, beets, and a dressing of mustard, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and pepper. Scrumptious. Why don’t i have beets more often?

I do know,however, that I’ve had an abundance of tea. I’ve been enjoying this new green tea (Good Earth Lemon grass Green Tea) a lot:



…Lincoln knew what he was talking about. And Good Earth knows how to make green tea. Seriously, it’s fantastic.

I’ve also welcomed this beauty into my life-


Sunland Natural Creamy Peanut Butter, hello lover.


It’s realllly drippy, like MaraNatha Almond Butter. So, in short- it’s perfect for drizzle action. Hence breakfast-


An Apple Heart Thrive, banana, and drizzle of Sunland PB atop a Pumpkin Pie Cake. So let’s break this down in layers.

1. The pumpkin cake had a good texture, but the taste was a little off. I could taste the egg whites a little more than I wanted to, but it went well with everything else… SO I suppose that’s all that matters.

2. Apple Heart Thrive (5/5)  I heated it up for 20 seconds and fell in love. The apple taste was definitely there, as were the actual apple pieces. These treats are very good when warmed.

3. The PB was awesome. periood.

All together –each bite composed of each layer– it was a pretty tasty breakfast.

When Nick woke up at 10:30, I made him Pumpkin Spice Pancakes from the recipe on the Pumpkin Spice Silk carton-


Easy peasy, pumpkin  peasy.

I used whole wheat flour. Nick said they were the best pancakes he’s had in a while.


So, friends… can you believe 2009 is dwindling to its end? This year has been the most exciting and challenging I have encountered. I spent an incredible summer in San Francisco at the Academy Of Art University, I made the best friends of my life, I moved, I made new friends, I went to Spain…. I recovered.

Of course, there was the bad, but who needs to think of that when I’ve got a big, bright new year ahead of me.

If you had to choose-

1. What was your 2009 highlight?

2. What are your 3 most happy experiences (from all years)?


11 Responses to “Don’t beet me up.”

  1. shell625 Says:

    you are making me DROOL. the pancakes, the heart thrive breakfast, AND the beet salad..yummm!!!

    1. 2009 highlight- OMG that is so hard! probably getting into madison 🙂
    2. that is way toooo hard. ill let u know hwen i’ve thought more!


  2. 2009 highlight- falling in love with my ex-boyfriend! Even though we aren’t together anymore, he’s helped me s much and improved my life! Dating him was def a highlight of 2009. Or maybe meeting my girls from treatment this summer!

    Can you believe that I have never had a pancake?! If you were to suggest one, what kind should I try?

  3. determinedtoshine Says:

    that salad looks amazing, and so colourful/pretty! and i looove drippy pb. the best kind for sure 🙂

    my fave 2009 moment was spending summer in south africa with all my family!

    enjoy your sunday!

    xo hannah

  4. oh my goodness i want you to be my person chef, everything looks amazing!!
    as for 2009 the highlight…hmm i think its going to be finishing this semester at IU, thank everything that there are only 5 more days!
    hope you have a beautiful sunday!!

  5. drippy, ooey gooey PB is one of my pleasure in life. I have a little story actually. Last night at about 1 AM I was hungry, so I went downstairs to toast a waffle. I spread it with LOTS of peanut butter.
    I didn’t know the peanut butter was going to melt and I’m kind of silly so I didn’t notice when ALL of the peanut butter dripped on my covers. Hahaha it was SO BAD. There was a giant pile of peanut butter on the corner of my bed and I was like… “crap >.<"

    Anyways, sorry, I needed to share that with someone.
    That salad looks incredible, the heart thrive looks divine and I really want to try one so badly, and the pancakes.. MMM. Bananas and pancakes go so well together.

    Love your blog!

  6. kbwood Says:

    WONDERFUL dinner!!! i love PB soo mucho-i have that brand in the banana PB..its so good!! they make chocolate kind too-thats one i havent tried!

  7. Emily Says:

    I have to try that PB, it looks to good to resist.

    I can’t believe ’09 is almost over either! It has been that hardest year of my life – the highlight has probably been my change of heart in recovery and my friends 🙂

    Three happiest experiences: that is a very very hard question. I am gonna have to ponder that one for a while..


  8. Simply Life Says:

    YUM! all your meals look amazing!

  9. I had my first baby in 2009, so that is an easy highlight. I love her!

    How is that pumpking silk? I have been looking at it the store and never bought it. Is it good? That apple thrive heart looks wonderful.

  10. Jenny Says:

    beet you?! [fab. pun by the way] on the contrary, my pet. I want to kiss you and hire you to be my personal chef. You in?!

    that PB looks like a dream! I have seen Sunland all over blogworld. Have you ever tried their flavored ones? banana? molasses? I die at the thought! where did you find this gem, love-a-doo??

    p.s. major hugs to you for your comments on my blog today. They mean the world! I love you!

  11. Molly Says:

    mmm chickpeas and pancakes in one day?! Two of my favorite things! Yum! 🙂

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