Smile to frown, frown to smile-

December 11, 2009

I started off my day with Pumpkin Molasses Oats, topped with a chopped granny and PB (smile)


…It was okay good, but not my best bowl (frown).

A component of my lunch today was a Raisin Spice Heart Thrive (smile) and another granny (smile)


…not a very pretty color scheme I’m keeping up here (frown)

-I give the Raisin Spice 5/5- (super smile)

Same texture as the Lemon Poppy seed, but I enjoyed this flavor a whole number more! I love the chewy raisins that were plentiful in this treat. It was pretty sweet for a Heart Thrive, but only as a result of the raisins. Which is a-okay with me! I can’t wait to eat its twin! Oh boy, I’m getting violent (frown/smile?)

I’m pretty sure I failed my Scarlet Letter test (frown)

Last night’s simply scrumptious supper (smile),


…steamed sweet potato, black beans, diced tomato, garlic hummus, and a little ketchup atop a bed of spinach…

Sweet Potato + Peanut Butter = Heaven in my mouth. (smile)


This afternoon, I received another great piece of mail (smile)


The amazing company,18 Rabbits, sent me some of their very aesthetically pleasing granola bars (smile)


I have never been so impressed with packaging as I am with these bars. Seriously, all those rabbits, 1 through 18, have great taste. Can’t wait to taste these! Haute Diggity Date, here I come!

I stumbled down the stairs from excitement (frown)


…and finally, tonight’s dinner. Brown Rice and veggie marinara (with a few Whole Wheat noodles, too)… (smile)

Now I’m watching The Strangers with Liv Tyler as a wordless wuss and Gemma Ward as a model gone murderer (frown)

Have a great Friday! (SMILE)


6 Responses to “Smile to frown, frown to smile-”

  1. shell625 Says:

    your eats look so amazing!! i really want ot try that heart thrive- i’ve only had chocolate & lemon poppyseed. the sweet potatoes look amazing on your salad 🙂
    cute postt


  2. hi!! mm what a delicious post!! i feel like i keep seeing the rabbit bars all around the blog world, but nowhere for me to purchase them 😦
    enjoy the movie, i almost think i’ve seen it (even though i desperately despise scary movies)
    hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. determinedtoshine Says:

    mmmm your eats look amazing… sweet p and peanut butter is the BEST combo! and i cant wait to hear your review of the next flavour heart thrive.
    enjoy your weekend lovie 🙂

    hannah xo

  4. Awesome presentation on the supper/dinner plate. Can’t wait to try some of that Utah cookin!

  5. Katie Says:

    I love 18 rabbits!

    New blog post + new music! New giveaway tomorrow. Woop woop!


  6. Jenny Says:

    girl “strangers” makes me more than just frown .. try, makes me pee my pants! ah – scariest movie ever. Those masks! I just can’t handle it.

    Smile 🙂

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