“Today, I realized…

December 10, 2009

…how many friends I have, because I had to wave goodbye to them all at school! I mean, it’s not that many, but more than usual!”

-My brother.

I’m glad he realized that…because it made me laugh, and it also made the tea I was imbibing spew out of my nostrils.

I’m also glad that California’s sunny and that many a hearts thrive there…


Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! I walked into the house after school and saw this lovely square package on the counter.

Me: “Who’s the package for?”

Eric: “You.”

Me: “OH MY GOD!”

Christmas came early this year… The lovely people over at The Healthy Baking Company sent me some AWESOME samples. As I spent the summer in San Francisco, I ate these fellas ALL the time. In Utah, I’m not so fortunate. But Hallelujah! My heart’s desire was satisfied (pun intended)… so many reviews are a’comin! Let’s start if off with the Lemon Poppyseed:


4/5– Loved it. I adore lemon poppy seed bread, and thought of it as I ate this beautiful snack. Seriously, I opened the package up and selected this guy at random… all within 3 minutes of being home 🙂 This flavor was dense (in a good way), not too crumbly, and had a good balance of lemon and poppyseed flavor. The best thing about these snacks is the level of sweetness. I hate it when things taste artificial, and Heart Thrives are not, so this was perfecto!

And I will leave you with last night’s supper-


My first shot at Spaghetti Squash! My opinion……. very new, very good, very filling.

I roasted it brine side up at 350 until I could stick a fork into it and pull it out easily. I scraped it out, added some black beans, canned fire roasted garlic tomatoes, spinach, and S&P! Yummmmmm. I can’t believe how different it is than other squash. I will most definitely be eating it again 🙂

Tonight I’m off to a friends orchestra concert and a local jewelry maker’s open house! Can’t wait for tomorrow, the fam plans on seeing Invictus!!

This just in:

“Sam, what’s difference between a cold sore and a pimple that’s really close to your mouth?”

The opening and closing notes of this post are provided by my brother, Nick.

Happy Thursday!

ps- I’ve been inside Nelson Mandela’s childhood home.

pps- Check out Maggie’s giveaway!


5 Responses to ““Today, I realized…”

  1. shell625 Says:

    so jealous of the heart thrive package- yum!! lemon poppyseed is one of my favorites 🙂
    and your brother isf unnny


  2. Jenny Says:

    how preshie is your brother?! I wish I could say i had that many friends… I have like – 2… one of them being my mom. When did I become so cool?

    those heart thrives are ridiculously adorbs!

  3. Emily Says:

    I really wanna try heart thrives and spaghetti squash. Both of them sound really really good 🙂

  4. hey sweetie,
    i just wanted to drop by to let you know that i adore your new haircut. you look beautiful 😉

  5. determinedtoshine Says:

    oh my goodness you lucky thing – those heart thrives look awesome! what a nice package to get 🙂
    and just have to say how beautiful your haircut is. amazing!

    xo hannah

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