Stuff me silly

December 5, 2009

For dinner the other night, Momma and I had-


Acorn Squash stuffed with Kidney Bean & Veggie Quinoa. Topped with some Parmesan.

Mom loved it. Even more than I did!


Anything ‘stuffed’ into a squash is amazing. I want squash every night!

To fuel me through a LONG, event-filled day with friends, I had a lovely bowl of oats-


Pumpkin Oats, topped with sliced banana, a blob of PB, cinnamon, and a splash of something new & truly amazing…


Now, I could never drink a glass of this (a little too sweet), but it is FANTASTIC on oats. Next time I will use it to make them instead of vanilla silk. The taste will be out of this world.

Today’s Schedule:

  • Fix hair, get ready
  • Pick up my date’s boutineer
  • Meet up with group
  • Go ice-skating
  • Go over to friend’s house, get ready for dance
  • Go over to other friends house for pictures
  • Go to dinner
  • Go to Winter Formal
  • Night activity
  • …plenty of fun!

I was curious, would any food bloggies be interested in competing against the Sam Jam in a foodie Dance Off??? If so, leave a comment letting me know and I will make it official 🙂

Have a super Saturday!

BY THE WAY– Make sure you check out Emily’s lovely giveaway!


4 Responses to “Stuff me silly”

  1. shell625 Says:

    haev so much fun at winter formal hun!!! 🙂 delicious eats


  2. Jenny Says:

    I dub you the cinnamon queen — that is one helluva bowl of oats you got goig on!

    good luck ice skating .. hopefully your better than I am. Last time I went I’m pretty sure my bum spent more time on the ice than my skates did

    have an amaze time at the winter formal.. crossing my fingers for pics of your sweet self 🙂

  3. Lyss Says:

    how did i not know you came back to blogging?! i’ve missed ya!

  4. Emily Says:

    have fun at winter formal!

    And that squash….YUM! That looks so incredibly good.

    Thanks for the mention 😉

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