An answer everyone should know…

November 19, 2009

How do YOU like your eggs?

(except for the vegans, but keep reading! this applies to everyone)

A dear friend of mine starting talking about this the other day. She’s on a quest to find her answer!! Thank you friend for inspiring this post. First off, the ‘incredible edible egg’ offers 13 essential nutrients & is an excellent source of protein and riboflavin. It is an extremely versatile food: it can be eaten at breakfast, lunch, or dinner… in scrambles, soups, and scones.  But I digress. My question, my point, furthermore, is more than just the frequently asked and favored question of diner waitresses. I find this question to be quite defining, actually.

(Man walks into diner. Takes seat in nearest booth. Waitress approaches.)

Waitress: What can I get for you?

Man: Hmm.. what’s in your Sunday Brunch Special?

Waitress: Two pancakes, bacon or sausage, toast, and your choice of eggs.

Man: Alrighty then, I think I’m set! I’ll have it.

Waitress: Bacon or sausage?

Man: Bacon.

Waitress: And your eggs?

Man: ……? (blushes, grabbing for the menu with the intention of sinking into the booth and hiding his face, for he knows not his preference)

As silly as it may sound, trusting your choice of scrambled or sunny-side-up is, like Ralph Waldo Emerson praised, to “trust thyself.” The man in the diner could have answered “Scrambled, with American cheese and a splash of milk” or “over easy with a dash of Tabasco”. He could have answered as the boy next door, or the easy-going Gent who loves a little kick once in a while. Not to say that ones egg preference is the personification of himself, but I truly believe it goes beyond ones taste buds and says a little about the person. Knowing how YOU like eggs can come from your childhood,a trip to China, church, or even a midlife crisis.

For instance, my mother absolutely adores eggs: 2 eggs, a dash of milk, salt and pepper, beaten and then scrambled in a pan with some butter, finished off with Herdez Hot salsa. That has never changed. She grew up with 8 other siblings, constantly moving homes… yet the eggs her mother cooked remained constant. It was a sort of solace within the chaos, a comfort from home of which she loves till this day. She knows that’s what she likes. One may encounter an authentic Chinese chow-house while on a tour of China, and come to realize that Egg Drop Soup is the best thing they have ever tasted (I guess egg drop soup is neither here nor there in regards to egg preference, but it fits into the big picture).One may have the liking of neither scrambled nor ‘dropped’, but of Deviled eggs as a result of the many Church potlucks they have attended and consumed at least 5 mayo-filled eggs.  Another example (hypothetical) is a woman who orders scrambled egg whites and half a grape fruit (she really wants a ham and cheese omelet, but she selects the low calorie, low flavor option). She’s reaching her 40’s and is petrified that her boobs aren’t were they were 10 years ago or that her pants don’t fit her ‘pancake’ butt because she’s busy raising a family and has no time to take care of herself. She opts for an ‘Egg White & Grapefruit’ Diet to try and fix that. I rest assured that plain ol’ egg whites never satisfied my Momma. However, these eggs lack the character of a whole egg, seasoned and prepared to preference. Everyone knows how they like their eggs, but they don’t always go with it. I think we should change that.

Eggs are affordable, convenient, nutritious and delicious. Although I myself am not the greatest advocate of eggs, I do find symbolism in them… I know that’s rather odd, but it’s true. Eggs are an American staple, found within every fridge in every kitchen. Eggs are sustainable. Eggs make you strong. So why not let yourself enjoy them? Why not eat em’ how you like em’? I don’t know who deemed eggs as a “guilt food”, but I hope that in reading this that misconception will be put to rest. Eggs are not just ovals in a carton, but one of the many little things that make us who we are. You have control over your eggs, and I find that very important. And if you don’t know how you like them, or haven’t tried them at all, I reckon you give it a try. It might even be liberating! In conclusion, I think we all feel pretty confident and sure of ourselves when we answer that question, each answer a different one: How do you like your eggs?

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT about eggs.This is about the PEOPLE who like them.  And, also, I am not excluding those who do not like eggs, because I would consider myself one of them. I am simply voicing an opinion I have towards the importance of knowing how you like your eggs.


4 Responses to “An answer everyone should know…”

  1. Jenny Says:

    for the longest time I had no idea what the difference between “fried” and “over easy” eggs were.. who knew there were so many ways to prep ’em! I have to say, I’m a scrambled kinda chick (pun intended) 😉

  2. Anne Says:

    I don’t have all that much experience eating all the different egg styles, but I do know I like scrambled eggs. Haha!

  3. crazylittlethingneela Says:

    interesting post! i surely learned some new things here 😉

  4. Lele Says:

    My taste in eggs, if it’s insight into my deep dark secrets, means I probably have some kind of mood disorder, because it COMPLETELY depends on what side of the bed I woke up on how I love my eggs. Sometimes scrambled with hot sauce, sometimes scrambled with garlic and chopped tomato (incidentally that is very delicious!), sometimes poached, sometimes poached on toast, sometimes fried, sometimes fried on top of a pancake (also weird but good!) sometimes omeletted around various things.

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